For clients with £150,000 or more to invest, through ISAs, collective investments or pension funds, we provide a common sense investment plan, taking into account your present position and any changes to your career or long term plans. 


We do not manage investments but instead recommend a range of managers, funds and products to meet your needs, selected for their expertise and consistency. All investments will be held in your name and any changes will require your written authority.


Our first task is to analyse your existing portfolio to ascertain any strengths or weaknesses and how these tie in with your objectives.


We then recommend how your money can be invested in the most tax-efficient vehicles, taking into account your time-frames for each of objective, and include suitable providers and funds. Where appropriate, our recommendations will include Structured Products, Investment Trusts, offshore funds, Private Equity and Hedge Funds and will take into account any income needs you may have.


Your attitude to risk and capacity for loss is taken into account and a suitable mix of assets recommended so as to fall within these, since different assets react to economic events in diverse ways. The old saying ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ still makes sense when considering how to reduce risk. 


Curiously, including small doses of some higher risk investments, such as smaller company shares or emerging markets, can help to reduce risk since these react differently to other funds. In some cases, fixed interest investments can add to risk, particularly when interest rates rise or inflation looms.


We will also gauge your attitude to the possible impact of inflation on your portfolio, consider credit risk and your income needs and incorporate these in our recommendations.


Where there is no consistent record of outperformance by fund managers, we will recommend ‘passive’ index tracking funds to help reduce the costs and minimise the risks,


We will also include recommendations to rebalance the portfolio on a regular basis so that the combination of assets does not move too far from the original asset mix recommended, which could otherwise increase the volatility and risk of the portfolio.


Regular reviews are also recommended to review individual fund performance, weed out any poor performers and to adapt to any changes in your circumstances.


We also advise trustees and Court of Protection deputies on how best to fulfil their investment and financial planning obligations for vulnerable clients. We realise that this involves a far greater duty of care than for other customers and are happy to invest our time to this end.


Online access to valuations will also be provided.