Later Life

As we live longer, an increasing number of us will need care in later life, possibly in a residential Care Home or increasingly at our own homes. The cost of Care can be substantial and is means tested - you need very little capital to have to pay for this. When it does arise, this leads to a natural concern as to how long the money will last and the impact it will have on a surviving spouse or dependent.


At Anders Bayley Scott LTD, we have the qualifications and experience to advise on how best to invest your funds so that the money lasts as long as possible, often ensuring an inheritance for your heirs if that is what you require.  Protection of your spouse’s position is paramount to us.


We also make sure that you are receiving all of the State Benefits to which you are entitled and that the Local Authority or NHS are fulfilling their obligations.


We can also tell you what steps you should consider to protect your assets and ensure your dignity if your health deteriorates. It is distressing for your family to have to ask for Court approval to access your funds to pay for your care, which can be easily avoided with appropriate planning. You can also ensure your wishes over the type of care you receive are adequately represented when you are unable to do so.


In these austere times, incomes are severely stretched, particularly for those on a fixed income. We can help invest capital released from your property through trading down or, where appropriate, provide suitable advice on how to release capital from your home to supplement your income, taking into account any possible loss of State benefits.


We also advise on how best to arrange your affairs so as to pass on assets to your heirs with the minimum of tax – see under Tax Planning.


We also advise trustees and Court of Protection deputies on how best to fulfil their investment and financial planning obligations for vulnerable clients. We realise that this involves a far greater duty of care than for other customers and are happy to invest our time to this end.